Educational Activities

The MARCA Museum acknowledges the importance of museum education in the creation of a sort of dialogue between the public and the historic and artistic heritage. That's why the MARCA devotes a section of the museum to educational activities. By doing so, the museum becomes the core of cultural promotion and adapts itself to the specific needs of different types of visitors.
Through creative labs, didactic visits and meetings, the Museum supplies the tools to interpret and read figurative languages and artistic techniques and renews the perception of the exposition space.
Special attention is devoted to contemporary art education. The aim is to create a relationship with the youngest generations and schools using educational methods inspired by the most recent researches in the sector.

Educational Projects for Schools
The MARCA didactic projects aim at offering to the schools a space where it is possible to excite the children's and young people's fantasy using visual education techniques.
The labs are divided into two sections. The didactic visit is followed by a direct demonstration of artistic techniques through creative and multisensory activities.
The labs devoted to contemporary art focus especially on the temporary exhibitions in the Museum and are updated according to the Museum program.
The activities can be structured in modules: from a preparatory event at school to the visit to the Museum area. The duration and content are adjusted according to the students' age.
All the labs are hold by specialized cultural agents and end with an exhibition of the students' works organized in cooperation with the schools which take part in the project.
The activities are free for teachers and escorts.

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