Booking---Guided tours

The guided tours for secondary schools are aimed at promoting a qualified approach to figurative languages and to contemporary art through an analysis of the temporary exhibitions and the permanent collection.
Through entry and exit tests, the students will be involved and stimulated to know the museum and the way it works and to think about the role of this kind of institution.
The classes that desire to continue the MARCA experience will be involved in a series of meetings targeted to students and teachers and focused on the knowledge of the museum role on the territory, on its organization, on meetings with the artists and on contemporary arts conferences.

Target audience: Students of secondary schools.

Activities for adults and families
Guided tours, discovery paths and in-depth examinations on the contents of the permanent collection and the temporary exhibitions with specialized guides.
Tours last approximately 2 hours.

Sundays at the museum: Special events dedicated to families aimed at discovering the most representative works of art in the museum. Tours last approximately 1,5 hours.

Advance booking is required

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