The MARCA Museum is an Official Crossing Zone where you, in a completely free and voluntary way, may be issued and delivered books - donated and deposited in accordance with the "game rules" - in order to follow their journey through comments of those who found them.
The system revolves around the site of the official global community site (BCID - Bookcrossing ID) that links the book to an identity code and allows you to register, record and monitor their every move.
To release a book you just need to register it on and insert the main data (author, title, etc…) to obtain the BCID. This is found on the book with a pen or adhesive label.
In the spirit of Bookcrossing it is crucial that each step, issue and discovery, is registered on the web: it is the only way you can follow its movements and find the comments from readers.
For Italian bookcrossers there is a free online book club where you can find all the information to enter into this world, exchange comments in the forum and know the side activities (meetings, events, book releases.)
To check the Official Crossing Zone at MARCA Museum - the availability and voyage of books - go to the link museoMARCA-OCZ . After reading, the book may be kept, returned back to MARCA Museum or released into the wild; anywhere you prefer!
At MARCA Museum you also can find some books of permanent collection.